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Dosimeter "Bella"


Dosimeter Bella

Technical characteristics. Impressions of operation.

Dosimeter "Bella", as a typical "Postchernobyl" consumer appliance.

Before "Chernobyl", such concept as consumer dosimeter simply did not exist. Radiation measurement was an exclusive prerogative of experts- atomic scientists and military men. But the life has introduced the corrective amendments and after spring of 1986 the Soviet radio instrument-making industry has rushed to satisfy, unexpectedly appeared, mad demand for consumer dosimeters.

The ten years period from 1986 on 1996 was, without any doubt, a heyday of consumer radiometers.

Dosimeter “Bella”, one of tens various and similar under characteristics devices of those years. Also as well as "Pripyat" was issued at different factories.

The algorithm of work: 40 second gaugings, 40 second indication of result and zeroing.

Dosimeter Bella

In difference from "Pripyat" the device measures only gamma radiation. It is rather simple in use and quite reliable (as in general could be reliable a Soviet consumer radio electronics :).

Dosimeter Bella

On the right side of the device two switches are available:

1 - power supply.

2 - switch of a search mode (that, actually means switch of a sound signaling device- tweeter :).

At the top end face of the device there is a button of compulsory zeroing (it, together with a light-emitting diode being nearby, carries out function of the control of the category of the battery. If by short-term pressing the button the diode does not light up, the battery means is discharged).

  • The basic technical characteristics.
Ranges of measurements Value
  • Gamma and X-ray radiation equivalent dose rate
0,01...99,99 mcSv/h
  • The basic error of measurement of EDR, % where Р - measured EDR in mcSv/h
± (30+4/Р)
  • Time of continuous work from new batteries
200 hours
  • Operating temperature range
0...+40 °С
  • Power supply
9,0 V
  • Weight
0,2 kg
  • Overall dimensions
152х66х36 mm

I have bought the device in 1991. It has truly served to me 9 years. In 2000 it was replaced by radiometer Pripyat RKS-20.03

That is agreeable: the strong case from thick plastic.

That is not agreeable: impossibility to work at temperature more low then -5°С .

The resume.

Typical consumer radiometer of 90th of the last century. It is unpretentious, handly enough.

Dosimeter Bella Dosimeter Bella Dosimeter Bella

Author: Yevgen "KRANZ" Goncharenko


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