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Dosimeter "IRIZ-1"

Dosimeter IRIZ-1

Technical characteristics. Impressions of operation.

Dosimeter "IRIZ-1" - the exotic device of an unknown origin.

On a wave of a "Postchernobyl" radiophobia, consumer dosimeters did not produce unless meat-packing plants (and I am not very assured in this :). Against as now would tell, "brands", such as "Pripyat", "Bella", "Anri", there were also tens small-scale devices of little-known manufacturers.

IRIZ-1 - one of them.

Algorithm of work, technical characteristics and the dosimeter scheme of "IRIZ-1" is similar to "Bella", as however to all other consumer dosimeters of those years (except "Pripyat").

Algorithm of work: 40 second gaugings, 40 second indication of result and zeroing.

Radiometer IRIZ-1

There is only one control element - the turning on toggle-switch. Any buttons of compulsory zeroing, the control of the category of the battery or switching-off of a sound of signalling device-tweeter (it peeps, by the way rather loud :). In general anything superfluous and distracting :).

The case rude, but strong. It is quite obvious that the case was not developed specially for the device. The manufacturer used a ready multi-purpose box-blank, slightly having decorated its top cover with massive aluminium "the obverse panel". Roughly, but reliable. Quality of assemblage not bad, but on the printed-circuit board a layer of a protective varnish is too thin.


  • The basic technical characteristics.
Ranges of measurements Value
  • Capacity of an gamma and X-ray radiation equivalent dose rate
0,01...99,99 mcSv/h
  • The basic error of measurement of EDR
± 30%
  • Time of continuous work from new batteries
  • Operating temperature range
  • Power supply
9,0 V
  • Weight
0,2 kg
  • Overall dimensions
143х80х28 mm

The device of release of 1991 has been presented to me as a New Year’s gift in 2006 by one of my acquaintances (Kolya Kolomiets, thanks you once again very much!).

That is agreeable: it works! :)

That is not agreeable: and what be not agreeable in it? :)

The resume.

May be “IRIZ – 1” have no Bella’s "charm" or possibilities of "Pripyat", but it works and this is main thing!

Author: Yevgen "KRANZ" Goncharenko


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