Lost Places - Chornobyl Zone

Pripyat, Chornobyl area and other abandoned places

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Use of materials of the site

Site Lost Places lplaces.com is an international project dedicated to the cities Pripyat and Chernobyl, Chernobyl exclusion zone and other abandoned places.

All materials posted on the website (photos, articles, stories, novels, graphic design, logos and other materials), created exclusively by a site team.

Authors of the website: Yevgen (KRANZ) Goncharenko, Nataliya (Tamerlan) Khan, Evgenie Samoilov, Andre (som3e) Friesen, Antony (Hemul) Holub.

Quoting and reprinting materials from this site

All of the exclusive rights to the texts (articles, reports, stories, reviews, etc.), photos, graphic design, name and logo of the project "Lost Places", posted on the site lplaces.com belongs to the authors of the project: Yevgen Goncharenko, Nataliya Khan, Evgenie Samoilov , Andre Friesen, Antony Holub and registered in the State Enterprise “Ukrainian Agency of Copyright and Related Rights» (SE UACRR), State Service for Intellectual Property of Ukraine. All rights for materials found on this site belong to the authors of these materials and / or administration of the site.

Complete updated copy of all materials from the site is stored in the Central State Electronic Archive of Ukraine (CSEAU) by contract № 16-11. CSEAU ensures compliance with legislation on copyright and related rights.

Any use of materials from the site, including the reprinting (full or partial), is possible only by agreement with the holder. Any use without the personal approval of the site administrator Yevgen Goncharenko, will be prosecuted by the law of Ukraine "On Copyright and Related Rights" according to Article 421, Article 441, paragraph 1 of Article 440 of the Civil Code of Ukraine and according to Article 7 of the Law of Ukraine "On Copyright and Related Rights”

We do not allow any use of these materials without our permission, and expressly prohibits creating clones of our site.

In the case of non-compliance of our copyright, we reserve the right:
  • To report a violation of our copyright to hosting company, providing a platform for resource allocation, about violating our copyrights with the requirement to review the situation and refuse hosting a site that violates the law.
  • To inform the major search companies about site is violating our copyrights with the requirement to exclude from index of search engines sites violate the law.
  • By Art. 16 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, as a person who owns the copyright, apply to court for copyright protection regardless of whether the violation is related to default on obligations under an author's contract or an illegal use of copyrights. That may entail the restoration of the situation which existed before the violation of rights (intellectual property), damages and other ways of compensation for property damage (such as damages caused by violation of intellectual property rights), non-pecuniary (moral) damages by the Civil Code of Ukraine (paragraph 2 of Article 16).

Administration of this site may be considered an offer to purchase certain materials from the site (pictures, texts), subject to our copyright. In many cases we can supply medium or high resolution images from photographic negatives for commercial use.

Citation of any material is permitted only after agreement with the owner and obtain a permit and comply with the following conditions: :
  • When posting materials is not allowed revision of the original text. Reduction or rearrangement of parts of the material is allowed provided that it does not distort its meaning;
  • When citing in a print publication necessarily an indication of the site http://lplaces.com as an information source, and it is obligatory to specify the author of articles, reports, photos and graphics;
  • When quoting in the Internet sites and other electronic media must be placed straight hyperlink, open to indexing by search engines to website http:// lplaces.com on all pages where the contents of the site will be used, as well as the obligatory indication of the author of articles, reports, photo and graphic material. This hyperlink must be placed at the beginning of posting article. Reprinting material from the site obtained from secondary sources, is only possible with reference to the source - http://lplaces.com
Do not use E-mail addresses, are on site, for unsolicited mass mailings (spam) and adding them to the database.

Administration of this site is not responsible for any damage to the user caused by self-application user information posted on this site. Under no circumstances responsible for the consequences of which are directly or indirectly caused by use of the information published on this site should not be attributed to the owner and / or administration of the site and be grounds for prosecution.

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Die Sperrzone von Tschornobyl

By Yevgen KRANZ Goncharenko

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