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Dosimeter "Bella"


Dosimeter Bella

Technical characteristics. Impressions of operation.

Dosimeter "Bella", as a typical "Postchernobyl" consumer appliance.

Before "Chernobyl", such concept as consumer dosimeter simply did not exist. Radiation measurement was an exclusive prerogative of experts- atomic scientists and military men. But the life has introduced the corrective amendments and after spring of 1986 the Soviet radio instrument-making industry has rushed to satisfy, unexpectedly appeared, mad demand for consumer dosimeters.

The ten years period from 1986 on 1996 was, without any doubt, a heyday of consumer radiometers.


Dosimeter-radiometer “Pripyat” RKS-20.03


Dosimeter-radiometer Pripyat RKS-20.03

Technical characteristics. Impressions of operation.

Dosimeter-radiometer "Pripyat" – the device "Legend", the device - "History".

It is developed more then 20 years ago at the Korolev Kyiv Factory (now NPO (scientific production association) "Meridian"). The best for its time and the most popular consumer dosimeter, since 90th years of the last century and till today. It let out at many factories (personally, I saw not less than three variants of this device). For example at the Lviv’s "Pripyat" the case has red color.

Dosimeter-radiometer "Pripyat" - the unique device a long-liver. What else electronic device can be boast of such age?

And so once again I will repeat, for its time it was High-End the Soviet consumer dosimeters. Better to say, there was "Pripyat" and there were all the others.


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