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Pripyat. Hospital MSCh-126

Pripyat. Hospital MSCh-126
Pripyat Hospital “MSCh-126” - Medico-Sanitary unit. The hospital is a vast complex occupying the largest part of the first micro-district of Pripyat. Anyone who has ever visited Pripyat will have seen the main building of the MSCh on Druzhby Narodov street -  “Friendship of the People street”. The building is adorned with huge letters on its roof that read: "Здоров'я народу - багатство країни" or “health of a people - riches of the country”. Here on April, 26th, 1986 the first disaster victims were delivered by ambulance: firemen and personnel of the ChNPP. Many of them had received deadly doses of external and internal irradiation, and had skin burns from beta radiation. After such doses, most did not survive; they still stood up, tried to joke about it, but the days or even hours of their lives were already numbered. All that medicine could do was to ease their deaths.  

Any hospital by itself is not a cheerful place. Pripyat hospital, in its present condition, is especially so. Desolation, dark corridors, doors slamming in the draught, the rustling of crumbled plaster. But even with this, there are some places that are especially sad, and for that matter dangerous.

Even today, one room contains the clothes of firemen and workers ChNPP, who struggled with the consequences of the failure of reactor 4 on the night of April, 26th, 1986, a quarter of a century past. Helmets, tarpaulin uniforms, kersey boots, white overalls and shoe covers of power plant workers. 

Pripyat. Hospital MSCh-126 Pripyat. Hospital MSCh-126 Pripyat. Hospital MSCh-126
In another room, mountains of the semi-decayed mattresses, hospital dressing gowns and slippers.

Even after more than 20 years from the date of failure. Gamma background in these premises can reach up to 100 mR/h.

Pripyat. Hospital MSCh-126 Pripyat. Hospital MSCh-126 Pripyat. Hospital MSCh-126
Pripyat. Hospital MSCh-126 Pripyat. Hospital MSCh-126 Pripyat. Hospital MSCh-126
They have stayed here less then day; then they have been transported to Kiev, and then by plane to Moscow. Everybody, except engineer Shashenok, he has died here, in hospital, he was not live through the night of April, 26th. The six firemen, twenty two worker of ChNPP, of non-departmental security and contract organisations have died of sharp radiation sickness in 6th radiological clinic of Moscow in the course of a several months after failure.

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