Lost Places - Chornobyl Zone

Pripyat, Chornobyl area and other abandoned places

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Town which is not present on a map.

Saturday, January, 21st, 2006. 
10 o'clock in the morning. 
We leave Kyiv (behind a board -25°C). A short stop for "breakfast" in Brovary and at 11:40 we approach on border of the Chernigiv’s area. Because of strong frosts there are not a lot of cars on road, to put it mildly :).

Liubech-1 13:20.
Turn on Liubech.


Village Rudki.

The Chernigiv’s woodlands - region having the unique aura. People perplexed listens to my Ukrainian language... At last they understand me and joyfully smile: “Vi z Kijava!?” (“You are from Kyiv!?”) The local dialect is very original and melodious - a freakish mix of the Ukrainian, Belarus and Russian languages.



The turn on Rozsudiv is, as usual, not there, where it is designated on a map (when traveling across Ukraine gradually you get used to that :).
A few kilometers and we drive on territory of the former military station (town).

Liubech-1 Accurate fifths-floor buildings. Any attributes of a life are not present, but on a snow traces of people and machines going aside a former antenna platform are visible. On a part of buildings there are attributes of repair (smudges of pitch on roofs and new metal-plastic windows), probably it is that planned "receiver-allocator" for illegal immigrants. We still did not see any person. There are locks on houses 

Liubech-1 The road on a former antenna platform
Liubech-1 The nature of Polisia (marshy woodlands) is improbably beautiful. Somebody likes the sea, somebody prefer mountains more. And we with the wife cannot live without these woods, fields, peatbogs and morasses.

Liubech-1 "We go on a trace" - on a chain of fragments of opened cable-channel.
Liubech-1 Still pair kilometers on fantastic snowy wood and here we on the place: the gate with the lock, the check point without any attributes of a life… But… on a snow there are fresh traces of the car?..
Liubech-1 On the right there is an electro-substation. In working order obviously (probably it is used now for needs of Rozsudiv or Liubech). The fresh traces of the car also follows on that direction

Here is the most convenient point for review the local vicinities.

Liubech-1 In the end of avenue there is a turn to the right, there is that once was an antenna platform.
Liubech-1 Here there, behind these pines, approximately three hundred meters from this tower, there were oscillator of a complex of a OTH (over-the-horizon) radar station.
Liubech-1 Liubech-1
Liubech-1 Liubech-1
Liubech-1 Liubech-1
Liubech-1 The view on this place from space 
(Google Earth)


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