Lost Places - Chornobyl Zone

Pripyat, Chornobyl area and other abandoned places

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11.12.2012. Chornobyl. Blackout

11.12.2012. Chornobyl. Blackout It was snowing for several days, and windless weather and zero temperature only worsened the situation. In the evening of December 10 the amount of snow on tree branches and wires of power lines has reached a critical mass. It became clear that if the snow does not stop falling, then towards morning the situation will be mirthless... Throughout the night of December 10 to 11 outside I have heard crackling of falling trees, popping and snapping of short circuits in power lines.

11.12.2012. Chornobyl. Blackout

The dénouement came about 6 am, but the main source of the problem, as it turned out, was not in Chornobyl, but somewhere near Kyiv. The high-tension transmission line was broken, and the entire northern part of the Kyiv oblast (Kyiv region) was left without electricity in a moment. All but ChNPP, which is connected to the other line.

Together with electricity at Chornobyl heating and water was lost immediately.

At first, no one particularly was thrilled because of the absence of light in the houses, especially consider the weather condition. It was clear that the line was broken somewhere, not a problem, it should be fixed. Unwashed and without morning coffee-tea, everyone slowly walked to have breakfast, but the dark windows of the cafeterias immediately made it clear that there will be no breakfast today and, quite possible, there will be no dinner.

A little later came the information that the problem is much more serious, all Ivankiv district was cut of power. At nine o’clock in the morning emergency batteries of base mobile stations were discharged. Mobile phones which become a usual and convenient intercommunication in recent years, in a moment become useless toys. Only an internal wired telephone network worked. People began to search and connect plain old telephones, which have long been gathering dust.

I walked around Chornobyl. Everywhere one can saw torn wires and fallen trees. On Lenin Street someone’s "Volga" stood covered with snow.Towards me two women approached and asked:
— How do you manage to get here? By Rechnykiv or by path?
— By path.There is an obstruction on Rechnykiv, you will not pass there. On the path, too, the tree fell, but it is possible to climb over it.

11.12.2012. Chornobyl. Blackout 11.12.2012. Chornobyl. Blackout 11.12.2012. Chornobyl. Blackout

Wet snow never let up. My jacket and trousers were wet. But I have no chance to dry-it as there is no heating...

11.12.2012. Chornobyl. Blackout 11.12.2012. Chornobyl. Blackout 11.12.2012. Chornobyl. Blackout

In cold offices people in street clothes trying to call someone via the local lines (any other connection is still unable). Lunch time. It was told to go to the cafeteria to take a box lunch. And then what? We look forward to the meeting of directors, where some decisions would achieve. Usually meeting starts at five pm, but today it will be earlier. Because of situation... Also gets dark early. They will not be sitting at the meeting with candles, aren’t they? By the way, the candles! I haven’t any. There are no candles in store, all was sold out already. Well, I still can go around Chornobyl.

11.12.2012. Chornobyl. Blackout 11.12.2012. Chornobyl. Blackout 11.12.2012. Chornobyl. Blackout

About three o'clock in the afternoon. That’s all, everyone should be evacuated, at least until next Monday. Only duty personnel will stay. At the bus station buses departure from Chornobyl. I go back to my room. The building is cooled and the temperature inside is almost same as outside. It is getting dark. Well, not a problem, I have warm clothing, foods to eat. Flashlight broken, there are no candles.

December 11 due to adverse weather conditions in the Zone of Alienation and the zone of unconditional (compulsory) resettlement power outage of Chornobyl facilities occurs. On the meeting of the State Agency of Ukraine on the Exclusion Zone Management Committee of anthropogenic and ecological safety and emergency situations in the zone of alienation and the zone of unconditional (compulsory) resettlement was decided on early withdrawal from the town of Chornobyl 500 staff, not involved in continuous engineering processes. Deriving staff was completed on the same day until 17:00. (Source: website of the Ukrainian Ministry of Emergencies)


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