Lost Places - Chornobyl Zone

Pripyat, Chornobyl area and other abandoned places

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Nature of Chornobyl Area

Autumn in the Zone


Autumn in the Chornobyl Zone

These photos were taken by me in the last few years in various places of the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone. I was going to make such autumn selection for a long time and constantly failed on choosing a title. I have already prepared photos, I looked through them countless times, waiting for the flash of inspiration... But apart from the trite “Golden autumn” nothing suddenly dawned upon me. After that, dull school memories arose from memory, tired school teacher droned on: “Children, write: “The golden autumn has come”. No, anything, but not “golden”. So what kind of autumn it is? Yellow, crimson, red, wet... Fits even less... That’s all, stop. My autumn will be just “Autumn”.


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Die Sperrzone von Tschornobyl

By Yevgen KRANZ Goncharenko

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