Lost Places - Chornobyl Zone

Pripyat, Chornobyl area and other abandoned places

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Monuments of the Chornobyl Zone

Krasne Krasne
  • Village Kupovate

Somehow Sergey Paskevich has asked me: "Did you saw "A BULL" in Kupovate?" I was not in Kupovate and accordingly any did not see "a bull". So I, Natalia and Sergey we go to look at "a bull" The “bull” has appeared not alone, but in the company with the doubtful young man of athletic appearance, who have rather bad intention in relation to this bull... He does not love this bull and does not hide this at all, moreover in every possible way his dislike shows. I suspect that, of a role of the doubtful brawny young man, there is comrade Heracles, and in a role of a bull, an unfortunate Cretan Bull to whom in a life, frankly speaking, has not luck. In difference from other monuments in a Zone, which is mostly made by hands of local residents, here is felt the hand of the professional, who is acquaintance with the Greek myths, and with a classical sculpture, and with plastic anatomy. As it is necessary to note passion of the unknown author on art-deko (especially good the stylization is felt in a figure of a bull). But, in this sculptural group there is one more interesting moment (our person cannot stop itself from something not to improve and not to underline the main thing :). Regularly someone paints genitals of a bull with a red and white paint :)...

Kupovate Kupovate Kupovate
  • Lipsky Romany (Ovruch district of Zhitomir area. A Zone of obligatory resettlement)

"Люди добрі! Поклоніться тим, хто в радості і горі жив тут і більше ніколи сюди не повернеться" ("Kind people! Bow to those who lived here in a joy and a grief and who will never return here")

Lypski_Romany Lypski_Romany

From left to right.

Mali_Klischi Novoshepelychi Nova Krasnytsia
  • Village Nagortsy (bank of pond-cooler of ChNPP)

The village has got to area of flooding of a pond-cooler and has been settled out even during the building of ChNPP.

Nagortsi Nagortsi

Photo at the left and in the centre - 2006. A photo on the right - 2009.

Rechitsia Rechitsia Rechitsia
  • Village Stari Shepelychi (the left photo)
  • Village Starosillja (the left bank of Pripyat)
Stari_Shepelychi Starosillia
  • Village Tovsty Lis

The monument to V.I.Lenin was shoot down in 2006 by unknown persons from the weapon of calibre of 7,62 mm (the photo at the left is made in the spring of 2006). And a monument to the fellows villager who were lost in the Second World War (Ukrainian poetess Lina Kostenko named it "The Stone Guard of dead villages")

Tovsty_Lis Tovsty_Lis Tovsty_Lis
Tovsty_Lis Tovsty_Lis Tovsty_Lis
  • Village Velyki Klishchi. A photo at the left 
  • Railway station Yaniv (Here are buried Red Army soldiers, victims of Second World war who died in 1943 around station Janiv. Among them is the hero of Soviet Union Egor Ivanovich Lazarev (1906-1943), the commander of field-engineer squad. One of Pripyat streets has hid name).
Velyki_Klischi Yaniv Yaniv
  • Village Zalissia
Zalissia Zalissia Zalissia
Zalissia Zalissia
  • Village Zhurba (Ovruch district of Zhitomir area. A Zone of obligatory resettlement). A photo at the left.
  • Village Zvizdal (Narodichi district of Zhitomir area. A Zone of obligatory resettlement)

Monument on a place of loss of army UNR (Ukrainian People Republic) under command of general-cornet Y.Tiutiunnyk in 1921. (a photo in the centre) .

Zhurba Zvizdal Zvizdal

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