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Myskovets T. Y. – the Artist of Chornobyl

Мисковец Тарас Ефимович

Miskovets Taras Yuhymovych was an artist who made many art works in Chornobyl and Chornobyl area. You can still see his Sculptures in villages and in the city Chornobyl. We places here his short biography as in memory of his art work.

Miskovets Taras Efimovich was born in November 02, 1936 in village Kivertcy of Volynsk province, at that time the territory of Poland (now – village Prilutskoe of Kivertsivsky district of the Volynsk region), in a family of peasants, has finished in 1953 7 classes of school, school of machine operators, worked as the tractor operator, working on timber cuttings in Ural Mountains. In 1954 married, the daughter was born in 1955, since 1955 till 1958 - served in Armed forces of the USSR (the commander of shooting branch, the junior sergeant), after demobilization in 1958 with his family has moved to Chernobyl, worked as the handyman on brick-works, since 1960 worked in the different building organizations as the bricklayer, the repairman, the foreman, the chief of the department of maintenance, the forwarding agent. Studied at Chernobyl evening school for working youth, which he has finished in 1961. Also Taras Yuhymovych has finished courses of improvement of qualification on a specialty «Industrial and civil building» at the Kiev construction institute in 1965. From 1965 till 1966 Myskovets works as the director of the Recreation centre of Chernobyl. In 1966 his son was born. In 1976 opens the Chernobyl artistically-design studio where siince 1977 he worked in as a modeler, as the artist-executor of design works of VI category. 

In an operating time in a workshop works in Chornobyl area on installation of monuments, memorial plates for the victim in the Second World War were executed. Such as:

• The Sign on entrance to Chornobyl district.
• The Sign on entrance to Chornobyl.
• The Sign on entrance to collective farm "Peremoga (Victory)", in village Stechanka.
• The Monument to Lenin’s Komsomol on a central square near a cinema "Ukraina (Ukraine)"

Мисковець Тарас Юхимович







• The Telegram from youth undergoing pre-conscription military training of Chernobyl district to Lenin (approximately - the autumn of 1984). There was an article in magazine «Pam'jatnyky Ukraini (Monuments of Ukraine)» about it.  

Тарас Юхимович МисковецьТарас Юхимович Мисковець

• The Monument to victims in the Second World War in village Zalissia.

Тарас Юхимович МисковецьТарас Юхимович Мисковець

• Monuments with placing of granite boards with surnames of victims in the Second World War in villages of Chernobyl district were updated.

After evacuation from the Chernobyl zone Myskovets Taras Yuhymovych
was lead on work in Brovary’s art industrial complex, he receives habitation in town Barishevka, the Kiev area, where he settles. In 1990 Taras Yuhymovych was ill and in August 22, 1992 hi died.

The material is given by daughter of T. Y. Myskovets - Natalia Mazur.
There are some photos of his work in reports on site Lost Places. 


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