Lost Places - Chornobyl Zone

Pripyat, Chornobyl area and other abandoned places

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Pripyat and Chornobyl Zone Alienation

Pripyat. Factory "Jupiter"

Pripyat. Factory Jupiter

Pripyat’s factory "Jupiter" - one of mysterious and confidential places of the Zone... Anyway it was, while approximately one year ago, “Spezatom" undividedly owning of this "treasure", has lost to it former interest and has simply moved down from "the occupied area". "Jupiter" becomes unnecessary to them. I was interested in this object for a long time, but somehow al the time it was not a right time for visit: I have no time, or the “Spezatom” is not care about me. And here at last I have got on this enigmatic and mysterious object.


Railway station "Yaniv"

Railway station Yaniv

This is already the third our campaign on the railway station Yaniv which is in semikilometer from southwest suburb of Pripyat. Each of these campaigns not so much gave answers to questions, as raise new :) The second our visit on station in the spring of 2007 (Zona. Spring. Part 1), aroused real squall of letters with questions from fans of railway technics. I had no answers to these questions, and I have understood that it is necessary to go again on Yaniv and once again, more carefully, investigate its vicinities.


Pripyat. Spring


I never photographed till now the buildings of Pripyat’s executive committee and musical school. The executive committee especially is not interesting by anything (it is the typical project). After failure here was "Complex" (one of the Zone enterprises), about what the huge broken badge of a radio-activity and the rests of a corresponding inscription over an enter testifies. Further along the street is a complex of buildings one of which - a music school, and the second - cinema "Prometheus". Interesting enough project. The school facade is decorated by a mosaic and, despite 30 years age, looks as new.


Rocket shield


The rests of ZRC S-75 "Volkhov" (SA-2 Guideline) in a triangle of Leliv - Kopachi - "Chornobyl-2"

First time, about a rocket unit of air defence near Chornobyl, I have heard about two years ago from my good acquaintance, liquidator Evgenie Samoilov. He remembered about rocketeer with whom he lay in hospital and he told that he together with colleagues has left the unit which was somewhere in "Chornobyl", only a year later after failure on ChNPP.


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